Powerful Relationship Coaching from Mark Webb, M.S., L.M.F.T.
Are you…

  • struggling with the “I love him but I’m not in love with him blues?”
  • tired of feeling that you are never going to make her happy?
  • pretending that he didn’t mean to forget your birthday again?
  • arguing over the dumbest things?
  • wishing that she’d just shut up?
  • wondering why you’re still with him?
  • feeling unappreciated?
  • tired of being the one to say “I’m sorry?”
  • thinking about getting out of this relationship?
  • out of options and don’t know what to do?

If so, then Mark Webb may be your answer.

His specializations are in helping couples reconnect with each other and how to properly handle stress, anger, and conflict. He teaches people how to recapture and grow the passion between them. He also has expertise in the areas of treating depression, anxiety, and poor self image. He has a talent for teaching people how to get their life back on track in the shortest amount of time possible and more importantly, how to keep it on track.

Mark Webb believes that there is a positive solution to any challenge in life. He believes that Anyone Can Change! He is solution oriented versus being problem focused in his therapeutic approach.

He doesn’t allow arguing. He says, “Couple can fight at home for free.” Most therapists encourage couples to rehash arguments that they’ve had hundreds of times already. This is to gain an understanding of their communication and conflict resolution styles.

Mark doesn’t focus on the past. He focuses on what needs to happen. If past issues need to be addressed, he guides the session so that the person gets the support they probably didn’t get the first time around. Emphasis is placed on getting unstuck and reconnected.

Mark says that he’s not “The Judge.” If you’re looking for him to place a guilty verdict on your partner so that you can enjoy the freedom of absolution then you will want to find another therapist. Mark believes that it usually comes down to both partners having some degree of fault. He wants to focus on reconnection versus blame.

Mark Webb is a Christian and he believes in the sacredness of marriage. Most marriage therapists keep score by whether the couple stays together as if it doesn’t matter if they are happy or not. Mark doesn’t believe in keeping couples together no matter what. He believes some couples aren’t good for each other. Some of his best work has been helping these couples dissolve the relationship in a civilized fashion.

Couples who have a history of good chemistry between them (even if neither have felt the chemistry in a long time) have a tremendous chance of resolving even the worst of situations.

Referrals aren’t necessary in order to get an appointment. Simply call (229)257-0100 and Mark’s staff will gladly schedule you an appointment. Mark has morning, afternoon, and evening sessions available. If you have a special request or need, such as a telephone session or a home visit, please inform his office staff.

Please be clear about this. There are solutions to your problems. An answer exists for your particular challenge. Mark Webb is very skilled at helping individuals and couples find the right approach to not only correct the problem but to improve the situation altogether.