How To Avoid A Midlife Crisis

How To Avoid A Midlife Crisis

“Whether a crisis breaks down your front door or slowly creeps into your life, a decision must be made to handle it or be handled. How will you respond? How will you recognize it? What tools do you have to deal with it? What first steps can you take today to strengthen your resolve to manage any crisis that comes at you?”
~ Tony Langstaff – Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

1) Make A List Of Things You Will No Longer Do. If you have been a passive person for way too long; then find your voice and start asserting yourself more. If you have been too edgy and opinionated perhaps you need to decide to calm it down. If you haven’t allowed yourself a vacation; take one.

2) Find a Passion. Strive to find something that excites you. Get involved with a charity or an organization that makes a difference. If you love dogs; you could volunteer with a dog rescue or animal adoption group. If you enjoy photography, then pursue activities through the local center for the arts. The point is to look for something that motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning.

3) Uncover Your Unique Talent. Poke around in different areas and try new things. Reach outside of your comfort zone. Try your hand at writing, at painting, at public speaking. If you already know your unique talent; push it to the next level. Share it with others.

4) Small Leaks Sink The Ship. Stop making excuses about your drinking habits. Stop saying you will quit smoking and actually lay down the cigarettes. The little vices that you rationalize will kill you. They set you up to have problems with life fulfillment and satisfaction. The pleasure you think you are getting is actually an illusion that will cost you later.

5) Elevate Your Level Of Job Satisfaction. Reevaluate your job. Could you approach your career with a new vibrancy that could inspire you and increase your happiness at your place of work? A bad attitude is a habit. Have you psyched yourself out in a negative way towards your job? Try to look at your job from fresh, new angles.

6) Be More Sociable With People Who Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life. Often when people have a midlife crisis, they have aligned themselves up with people who are bad influences. These are commonly old friends from childhood or youth who were bad influences back then too. People need human interaction. If you have isolated yourself or developed negative associations; seek out positive people and positive social environments.

7) Stay Physically Fit. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like your reflection or have you let yourself go? Good health and fitness is essential for happiness and peace of mind. Stop making excuses and get busy!

“And nothing to look backward to with pride, And nothing to look forward to with hope.” ~ Robert Frost

8) Decide To Be Happy. Happiness is a choice. Make the decision that you are going to be happy regardless. Do not let other people, the weather or the circumstances of your life determine if you are going to be happy. If you let things outside of your control decide for you; you will end up miserable. What if you live around a bunch of grumpy, sourpusses? Be a person who is self-directed.

9) Dust Off The Dreams Of Your Past. Did you want to be a pilot when you were younger? Perhaps you wanted to be a musician? Or to write a novel? It is never too late. People who live their dreams do not have problems with a midlife crisis. They seek their dreams with energy and hope. Seek out a pilot. Ask them the steps involved. Take guitar lessons. Read a book on how to write a novel. Move towards your dreams and you and your dreams will eventually meet up.

10) Pursue Spiritual Growth and Connection. Seek the truths and promises of God. Strive to establish a sense of peace within yourself and the world in which you live.

11) Be Thankful For What You Do Have. Gratitude is usually lacking in people who are having a midlife crisis. Take time each day to acknowledge the things in which you could be thankful for. Your husband or wife. Your Partner. Your children. Your job. Your health. Your community. Our great nation.

12) Break Up Your Routine. If your life is feeling stale or you are feeling burned out; that is often a signal that a change in your routine is needed. Look for ways to liven up your day or slow it down. This may involve not working out as often. Sleeping in or the opposite by waking up earlier. I like structure and regimen. Sometimes a lack of structure is helpful in preventing a midlife crisis.

13) Live In The Moment. Keep your mind focused on the here and now. Be careful not to reminisce too much about days gone by. Look at the opportunities that lay right before your very eyes.

Avoid A Midlife Crisis

Mark Webb is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice at South Georgia Psychiatric and Counseling Center in Valdosta. He is the author of How To Be A Great Partner. Mark has been in the field of helping individuals and couples since 1986. He has a vast amount of experience and he can have a very positive impact on your life and your relationship. If you are looking for individual or marriage counseling, please call his office in Valdosta, Georgia and his staff will help you set up an appointment.
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