Overcoming Panic Attacks

Overcoming Panic AttacksPanic attacks are usually progressive in nature if they are not treated properly.  Many people who suffer from panic attacks go for months and years before getting the correct diagnosis.

The symptoms of a panic attack include but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Feeling as though you are not able to get enough air.
  • Racing heartbeat.
  • A sense of terror or dread.
  • Severe anxiety level; feeling like you are on the verge of losing your mind.
  • Dizziness, trembling, choking.
  • Chest pain.
  • Sweating, hot flashes.
  • Tingling sensation.

People who have panic attacks tend to make connections between their anxiety and certain activities.  This leads them to the conclusion that if they avoid the activity then they will not have the panic attack.  Unfortunately this tends to gradually make their world shrink.  They become comfortable with fewer and fewer experiences.  They become embarrassed by their lack of control over the panic attacks and they start to avoid friends and family.  They may do the opposite and become quite needy on friends and family.  This avoidance behavior sets the stage for depression and eventual hopelessness.  But please do not ever forget that Help Is Available!

I have treated thousands of cases of anxiety/panic disorder.

If you have been having panic attacks, here are some recommendations to decrease and hopefully eliminate them:

  • Immediately seek a psychiatric evaluation.  You could seek a therapist first but the therapist will most likely send you to a psychiatrist anyway.  Medication is the fastest way to control the panic attacks.  This will decrease the anxiety so that the therapist can get to the root of the problem and teach you a variety of anxiety reducing techniques.
  • Find a therapist who is familiar with treating anxiety disorders.  Not all therapists are good at helping these kinds of cases.
  • If your psychiatrist prescribes an anti-anxiety medication, please take them as recommended.  Short term usage is usually required.  Keep this medicine with you at all times because panic attacks can be very unpredictable.

Mark Webb is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice at South Georgia Psychiatric and Counseling Center in Valdosta. Mark Webb is also the author of How To Be A Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships™.  Sign up for Mark Webb’s “Relationship Strategies”  Ezine ($100 Value).  Just visit his website at http://www.powerfulrelationshipadvice.com or https://www.therelationshipspecialist.com

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