Should You Give Them Another Chance?

yellingYou’ve been hurt for the last time.  You’ve drawn the line to end the aggravation.  You declare, “No More!”

Now they are sincerely asking for another chance.  “I’ll do anything”, they cry out with a trembling voice.  Their hurt moves you.  What if they really mean it this time?  How can you be sure?

Keep these 5 points in mind:

  1. You don’t have to give them another chance.  Remembering this point first can save you a lot of unnecessary thinking and unnecessary conversations.
  2. If they are sincere, they will keep their promises.  If they said they will stop yelling, then they will stop.  If they said they will go to therapy, then they will schedule appointments and go (with or without you).
  3. They won’t pressure you.  They will give you plenty of time and space.
  4. You will notice more thoughtful listening.  Their attitude will be humble, not arrogant or pouting.
  5. You should see an 80% to 90% improvement in areas of their behavior that you had previously complained about, maybe even 100%.

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