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Are You A Sucker For Guilt?

Here are 13 points to consider in preventing you from getting pushed around and becoming someone’s doormat: 1) Beware The Guilt Trippers. Guilt trippers may not even realize what they are doing or how wrong it is to manipulate others with their guilt tactics. They often are too focused on getting the outcome they desire. If someone tries to make you feel guilty about your decision, then you need to be alerted. This is also true if someone tries to get you to do something that works for them but…

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Making A Visible Statement

Many of us struggle with the problem of our own shyness.  This problem often keeps us from being a part of our world.  We want to make a visible difference but we do not do it.  In addition to shyness, we struggle with fears of rejection, low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness and being overly self conscious.  All of these factors keep us from showing up in our world. We tell ourselves that if we could just change our weak points then we could make a difference.  If only we had…

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