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Is Anxiety Making Your World Smaller?

“If you continually shun any stress, you become comfortable with fewer and fewer experiences.”~ David Viscott If anxiety isn’t effectively managed; it will eventually take control of your life. I was talking with my friend and colleague, Robert Woodward, who also specializes in the treatment of stress and anxiety and asked him how he identifies anxiety in his clients. Here are his top 5 behaviors that occur to set you up for added anxiety in your life and I will follow with strategies to fix those areas. 5 Red Flags…

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Are You or Someone You Love At Risk For Job Burnout?

“Last year we said, “Things can’t go on like this.” and they didn’t, they got worse.”    ~ Will Rogers Does dragging yourself out of bed require the determination of Rocky Balboa?  Do you feel all dried up? You May Be At Risk For Job Burnout If: You feel like nothing you do makes a difference or is appreciated. You try to be everything to everybody. You work in a service oriented profession, such as healthcare, law enforcement or education. You are a caretaker for someone who is homebound or terminally…

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