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Reduce Stress: Avoid Family Conflicts During the Holiday Season

There’s something about family get-togethers that can turn even the most confident senior executives into quiet underachievers, and seemingly “rational” individuals into petty bickerers. If you’re stressing out about meeting with family over the holidays, sure that your excited anticipation will turn into disappointed reality, there are some ways you can prevent such disappointment from happening. The key is to discover the negative behavior patterns you’re repeating, and learn to create “new, productive familiars,” “Holiday hell can be avoided if we just stop repeating the familiar,” The senior executive who…

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Keeping Your Cool When You’re Behind The Wheel

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” ~ George Carlin Road ragers come in all ages and women can be as bad as men. Aggressive driving ranges from tailgating to running red lights. Road rage can be irrational and can become violent. Road rage accounts for about one third of all crashes and about two thirds of resulting fatalities. If you answer yes to any of these questions or you know someone who would, then…

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Creating Balance With Your Anger

Angry feelings are a part of almost everyone’s life.  Sometimes anger plays a small part without any problems.  Other times, however, it becomes a large part of our lives.  We may become rigid, mistrustful, or filled with rage. Anger is a common emotion but it can be difficult to deal with.  Quite often we have not been taught how to deal with our anger.  We may have been shown how to deal with anger and it is usually shown in appropriate ways.  We may have heard that it is not…

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